The Team

The Danialle Karmanos’ Work It Out team drives the organization’s ability to achieve its mission through a complete commitment to kids and a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach.

 Board of Directors

Danialle KarmanosDanialle Karmanos, Founder
Danialle Karmanos is a philanthropist and community activist committed to driving positive change in Detroit. She is the founder of Danialle Karmanos’ Work It Out (DKWIO), a 501(c)(3) organization that fights childhood obesity… Read More
Tom AndersonTom Anderson, Treasurer
Tom Anderson has been with DKWIO from the beginning. Correction: from the very beginning – from the day he answered a call from Danialle and heard her say, “Let’s start a non-profit to fight childhood obesity.” Tom said he was on board and the rest… Read More
Demetrius JenkinsDemetrius “Demi” Jenkins, Secretary
The most important thing one needs to know about Demi Jenkins is that children are her life. Period. A professional full-time nanny, Demi worked with children at the highly-regarded Compuware Child Development Center for 15 years… Read More
Chuck BennettChuck Bennett, Trustee
Chuck Bennett is a remarkable man – He is Michigan’s “Style Guru.” As a Detroit News journalist, Chuck covers the society scene in Metro Detroit and pens Society Confidential, a popular, must-read gossip column. In fact, Chuck is the only African American male in America working as a society columnist… Read More
James E. Blessman M.D., MPH, Trustee
It’s hard to know where to begin when trying to explain and describe Dr. Blessman in a brief bio. There are just so many “levels” to this brilliant, insightful and very spiritual man. On a personal level, he describes himself thusly… Read More
Nate McCaughtry, Ph.D., Trustee
When Nate McCaughtry agreed to join the DKWIO board, Danialle’s organization landed not just a brilliant and talented physician, but Wayne State University’s entire Center for School Health. You see, as the Center’s founder and director… Read More



 Staff and Consultants

Laura MackiewiczLaura Mackiewicz, Executive Director
As Executive Director for Danialle Karmanos’ Work It Out, Laura Mackiewicz employs more than a dozen years of experience in event production, public speaking and program management to ensure DKWIO executes superior programming for kids… Read More
Letitia WarrenLetitia Warren, Pediatric Dietitian, Children’s Hospital of Michigan
As a Pediatric Dietitian for more 25 years, Letitia Warren works in partnership with DKWIO Founder Danialle Karmanos and Executive Director Laura Mackiewicz to develop and implement the nutritional education component of DKWIO’s one-hour formula…Read More
Stacy Goldberg, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Savorfull™, MPH, RN, BSN
A self-proclaimed “healthy & allergy free food product fanatic” and nutritional consultant, Stacy recognizes the importance of managing a life with a food allergy or intolerance in a nutritionally sound, simple way … Read More